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RIATest is a specialist tool to automate the testing of Adobe Flex applications. So who better to ask about using it in practice than Adobe themselves?

Peter Martin is a Senior Technical Architect working out of Adobe Professional Services UK offices. His team is using RIATest 3.2 with an application that is built on AIR 1.5 and LiveCycle Enterprise Suite. The application is a legacy codebase, which was not originally designed with automation in mind.

Peter explains, “This is our second attempt at automation - we were over ambitious the first time, as we set out to automate the entire application and in addition wanted to do white-box testing (e.g. assert the state of the local database).

This time around we have set out a number of sprints with small achievable goals, initially we want to automate our smoke test suite and also provide support to engineering (i.e. regression test key areas of the application and save time by using RIATest to pre-populate the application with data).

We have been pleased with our progress, our automation engineering team who are recording the initial scripts have learned RIATest quickly and with minimum support from engineers.

We have also been surprised with how little we have had to change our legacy code to support automation.”

Peter says that the floating licenses make it possible for everyone on the team to use RIATest and avoid the time overhead of managing individual named license keys:

“Our vision is to have the entire team (engineering and quality engineering) using RIATest, so we purchased floating licenses.”

Developers at Adobe Professional Services are using the new 'developer productivity mode' feature introduced in RIATest 3 to launch the application from Eclipse and record or playback actions in RIATest:

“We want engineers to take responsibility for creating testable code by demonstrating that they can automate their features and for quality engineers to elaborate our test suites to cover corner cases."

Quality assurance engineers also benefit from the new feature:

"QE can go in and add automation names and make other minor changes to aid automation", says Peter.

"In the future we want to use RIATest to reproduce a bug and to verify the bug has been fixed. We also embrace Agile and want to automate all the acceptance tests in our stories.”

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