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1978 saw the launch of the first GPS satellite, the NavStar.  It was also the year Trimble was founded.

Trimble is a now a leading provider of advanced positioning solutions with a $1.3billion revenue in 2010.  Their products are used in over 100 countries supported by an extensive network of dealers and distribution partners.  Primarily they are all about the collection, management and analysis of complex information using not only GPS but also laser, optical and inertial technologies.

RIATest is used by Virtual Site Solutions  which is a joint venture between Trimble and Caterpillar.  Team member, Katherine Boothby explains why they chose RIATest.  

“We were looking for an affordable automation tool that would support our Flex user interface without being so complex that only developers could use it. Also, the RIATest Loader allows us to test our application as is, without having to build a separate automation-enabled version with the RIATest code.”

The team’s application has a C# .Net back end with a Flex-based UI containing several custom components.

Katherine continues, “RIATest's recording and inspection tools have allowed our less-technical testers to still be able to build automation tests as new functionality is introduced in their focus areas. Our dedicated QA Automation team supports our regular testers in their automation efforts, as well as taking on more technical tasks such as building thorough regression tests, developing reusable script libraries and creating instrumentation for custom controls.”

The RIAtest files are stored in the same source control system that the team’s application developers use and the suites of tests are updated and run by team members in three different countries.

In order to integrate RIATest with the rest of their reporting processes, the team have built an internal C# application that runs the test suites and parses RIATest output to generate  reports in precisely the format that is needed. As Katherine explains ”this has taken time to develop and maintain but it provides us with a very flexible running and reporting framework”.

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