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RIATest 6.2.1 released

Saturday, March 8, 2014 - RIATest 6.2.2 released. The update addresses the following issue:
  • Fix loading of HTML pages in Chrome (again).

RIATest 6.2.1 released

Friday, February 2, 2014 - RIATest 6.2.1 released. The update addresses the following issue:
  • Fix error "Referral returned from server".

RIATest 6.2 released

Saturday, November 30, 2013 - RIATest 6.2 released. The update addresses the following issue:
  • Fix loading of HTML pages in Chrome.

RIATest 6.1 released

Thursday, July 4, 2013 - RIATest 6.1 released. The update addresses the following issues:
  • Fix Verify Image capability from Object Inspector view for Flex objects.
  • Fix incorrect warning on 'include' statement when non-const file name is provided.
  • Fixed: crash when removing a script from project on Mac OS X.

RIATest 6.0 Released

Tuesday, May 7, 2013 - RIATest 6.0 released. RIATest 6.0 brings a whole host of new, exciting features:

2Script Errors View

RIATest now analyses all your scripts in the background and can show the errors and warnings about your code in a new consolidated Script Errors view.

3Execution States in Project View

The state of executed scripts is now shown in the Project View as the tests progress. The failed scripts are readily visible at a glance. You can also right click on any script name and go to the first message or error output by that script in the Messages view.

1Windows UI Automation Smart Recorder

Recording of Windows system user actions is now possible. Smart Recorder generates human readable scripts and is capable of reusing your locator variable declarations.

1Windows 8 Metro UI Automation Support

UI Automation now fully supports Windows 8 Start screen and Metro applications. You can inspect and verify GUI objects, record and play actions. Unlike any other desktop application RIATest can also stay on top of the Start screen and Metro applications to avoid the need to switch between Desktop and the Start screen.

4Improved Video Recording

Video recorded during tests now can include the position of the acted object for even easier subsequent analysis of your automated tests. Video recording is better optimized to reduce the overhead on test execution speed.

5Automatically Synchronize on Flex Cursor State

The new synchronization option allows you to automatically wait when your Flex application queries your server or when any other operation progress is indicated by a busy cursor.

5Improved HTML Support

Numerous bug fixes to HTML support and improved operation speed make RIATest even better for Web application automated testing in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

6SVG Elements Support

RIATest now recognizes SVG elements in HTML pages. You can now automate popular SVG-based charting components like Highcharts.

6Ability to Do HTTP Requests

You can issue HTTP requests directly from RIATest scripts. This allows you to communicate with your application web server and query or modify its state.

7Go to Definition Capability

You can now right click any function or variable name to go to the script position where it is defined.

7IDE Improvements

There are also numerous small IDE improvements such as the capability to navigate to previous/next errors, the capability to find a message corresponding to a project script file, a new Find dialog and other small features that make life easier for you when using RIATest.

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