RIACase - Free Test Case Management

Organize and keep track of your test cases and suites for free. Seamlessly integrates with RIATest for automated testing.

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Still using Excel?

If you still use spreadsheets to organize your test cases you are going to really appreciate the difference. RIACase user interface is fine tuned for test case entry, tracking and all related activity for everyone on your testing team.


How much does it cost?

Nothing. RIACase is a free software. So, try and see how it works for you.


Features and Benefits

Simple and Easy

Simple and Easy

RIACase is not yet another complicated system that requires you to take 5 training courses to master. Clean user interface focused strictly on test case management will let you get up to speed in minutes.

RIATest Integration

RIATest Integration

RIACase can automatically execute RIATest, let it perform the testing then collect the results and feed them back into RIACase results database. All with minimal configuration - just specify which RIATest project to use and RIACase will automatically match suites with groups and test cases with scripts.

RIACase on Server

On your Server

Keep your confidential data on your servers under your control.

Minimal Administration

Minimal Administration

Minimalistic set of configuration options, automatic daily database backups, and well-thought-out automated software update procedures result in nearly zero administration burden.

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