RIACase Server Installation

The installer program can perform automatic installation of RIACase server on Windows operating systems. It requires the following Windows versions to perform the installation: Windows 7 or 8 or Server 2008 R2.

You must be logged in to the system as a user with Administrator rights. The installer program performs the following steps during installation:

  • Installs PostgreSQL database engine to "C:\Program Files\RIACase\pgsql" folder and register it as Windows service "RIACASE_PGSQL".
  • Installs PHP engine to "C:\Program Files\RIACase\php" folder.
  • Installs initial RIACase database to "C:\ProgramData\RIACase\DB" folder.
  • Installs RIACase web application to "c:\inetpub\wwwroot\riacase" folder and makes it accessible as http://localhost/riacase URL.
  • Configures "C:\ProgramData\RIACase\backup" as the folder to store automatic database backups.
  • Creates a Scheduled Task named RIACASE_MAINTAIN to automatically perform background maintenance operations and perform backup of the RIACase database periodically.
  • Creates a Scheduled Task named RIACASE_AUTO_RUNNER to be executed in the background and call RIATest to perform automated runs (used optionally if you have RIATest installed).

If the installation fails you can check the log files install-launcher.log, install-msi.log and config.log that are created in "C:\Program Files\RIACaseā€ folder.

Note: this user guide uses "C:\Program Files" to refer to the default folder for program files on Windows. If you are installing on the 64 bit Windows version, the folder should be "C:\Program Files (x86)" instead.

You can perform a manual installation of RIACase on target systems where the automatic installer program is not supported or if the installer fails to install RIACase correctly.

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