Manual Installation

You can perform a manual installation of RIACase on target systems where the automatic installer program is not supported or if the installer fails to install RIACase correctly.

Note: this user guide uses "C:\Program Files" to refer to the default folder for program files on Windows. If you are installing on the 64 bit Windows version, the folder should be "C:\Program Files (x86)" instead.

Manual Installation on Windows with Internet Information Services

Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) from

Install Internet Information Services

To install Internet Information Services go to Control Panel, Programs and Features, select Turn Windows features on or off. Then find Internet Information Services and turn it on. You will also need to turn on the following additional features of Internet Information Services:

  1. In Web Management Tools section, IIS 6 Management Compatibility feature,
  2. In Word Wide Web Services, Application Development Features section, CGI feature.
  3. Click OK to install Internet Information Services.

Install PHP

Download and install PHP 5.3 or newer from (see installation documentation This will normally install PHP to "C:\Program Files\PHP" folder. We recommend downloading Installer for non-thread safe version and choosing IIS FastCGI option as the web server during installation:

Important: You need to install the following extension: In PDO section, PostgreSQL extension.

Click Next until PHP is installed.

Install ionCube Loader

Download and install free ionCube Loader PHP extension: Thread-safety and version must match the PHP version that you installed earlier. The installer will extract loader dll files to a folder that you specify. We recommend to extract the loader to "C:\Program Files\PHP\ext" folder. Now configure php.ini to use ionCube Loader as described here: You will need to add a key "zend_extension" to point to ioncube_loader_win_5.x.dll file that you just extracted. Make sure to use full path to the file, e.g.:

zend_extension="C:\Program Files\PHP\ext\ioncube_loader_win_5.4.dll"

Configure Internet Information Services

Open Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Internet Information Services Manager. Add a new virtual directory named "riacase" in the web site of your choice (usually "Default Web Site") and point its physical path to folder "c:\inetpub\wwwroot\riacase" (you will need to create folder "riacase").

Install RIACase web application files

Download RIACase manual installation zip package from and extract to a temporary folder on your hard drive.

  1. Copy the content of "web" folder from extracted zip package to the folder where you mapped the "riacase" virtual directory
    Note: do not copy the "web" folder to "riacase" as is. Copy what is inside "web" folder, so that index.php is placed directly under "riacase" and not in "riacase\web".
  2. Create a directory to store RIACase executable files. The recommended folder is "C:\Program Files\RIACase". Copy the content of "bin" folder from extracted zip package to this folder.
    Note: do not copy the "bin" folder as is. Copy what is inside "bin" folder, so that e.g. chelper.exe is placed directly under "RIACase" and not in "RIACase\bin".
  3. Create a folder to store RIACase logs and data files. The recommended folder is "C:\ProgramData\RIACase". Inside this folder create 2 subfolders: "logs" and "writable_data".
    Note: ProgramData is a hidden folder and you many need to enable "Show Hidden files, folder and drives" in your Windows Explorer options.
  4. Give full read and write access rights to IUSR user to "C:\ProgramData\RIACase\logs" and "C:\ProgramData\RIACase\writable_data" folders.

Download and setup PostgreSQL.

Download PostgreSQL 9.2 or newer installer from, however we recommend one click installer from Enterprise DB:

By default PostgreSQL will be installed to "C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.x" and the data will be stored in "C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.x\data" folder. Write down the password that you select during installation to be used below when editing config.ini.php.

Check that postgresql-nn Windows service is successfully installed and running.

  1. Edit postgresql.conf file in folder "C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.x\data". Set timezone to UTC:
    timezone = ‘UTC’

    Restart postgresql-nn Windows service for the changes to take effect.
  2. Open command prompt in folder "C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.2\bin" and create initial RIACase database using createdb.exe tool:
    createdb.exe -U postgres RIACASE
    Note: nothing is returned at the end of the process other than the command prompt if the database has been created successfully.
  3. Populate initial RIACase database using pgsql.exe tool:
    psql.exe -d RIACASE -U postgres -f "C:\Program Files\RIACase\PG_initial.sql"
    Note: The SQL commands are seen to be processed. PG_initial.sql file should be located in the RIACase executable directory that you created earlier.

Install Zend Framework

Download free Zend Framework 1.x Minimal package from and extract it to "c:\inetpub\wwwroot\riacase\zend" folder.
Note: the "library" folder must be located inside "c:\inetpub\wwwroot\riacase\zend" folder.

Setup backups

Create a folder to store RIACase database backups. We recommend "C:\ProgramData\RIACase\backup". Make sure the user account running PostgreSQL service has full read and write access rights to this folder.

Open Task Scheduler and create a scheduled task to call "C:\Program Files\php.exe" with arguments "c:\inetpub\wwwroot\riacase\library\Sys_Maintain.php" (under the Actions tab). Set the scheduled task to repeat daily (under the Triggers tab).

Set the task to give full access rights to backup folder to the user account that executes this scheduled task.

Adjust config.ini.php

Open "c:\inetpub\wwwroot\riacase\data\readonly\config.ini.php" in a text editor.

  • Adjust all keys in section [general] to point to correct folders if you chose non-default locations earlier.
  • In the [zend] section adjust "webroot" key to point to "c:\inetpub\wwwroot\riacase"
  • In the [zend] section adjust "zend_path" key to point to "c:\inetpub\wwwroot\riacase\zend\library"
  • In the [zend] section adjust "library" key to point to "c:\inetpub\wwwroot\riacase\library"
  • In the [db] section adjust "dsn" key to reflect correct PostgreSQL database user name and password. The user name created by PostgreSQL one click installer is "postgres" and the password should be selected by you during installation.
  • In the [db] section adjust "pgsql_bin_dir" key to point to "bin" sub-folder of PostgreSQL installation folder. The folder name should not contain spaces so use short file name.
  • In the [backup] section adjust "target_dir" key to point to the folder that you created for backups.
  • In the [email] section set "admin_email" key to RIACase system administrator email address (this is your email address if you are the administrator).
  • In the [email] section set "smtp_server" key to your organization’s SMTP server host name or IP address and smtp_port to the port number of the SMTP server (if you do not know your SMTP server details please ask your network administrator).

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