RIACase Software Upgrade

When a newer version of RIACase software is available it can be installed on an existing RIACase system. In some cases this may require that the database is also upgraded. There are 2 possible ways to perform the upgrade.

  1. You can download and install newer version of RIACase software on an existing RIACase system using the same installer program that is used to install new RIACase systems. The installer will detect that there is an existing RIACase system, will stop the existing database service if it is running, newer software will be installed and the database service will be restarted.
  2. You can download the newer version of RIACase and perform a manual installation of the upgraded software files. To do this the following steps must be performed:
    1. Stop PostgreSQL database service.
    2. Download the RIACase manual installation zip package from and extract it to a temporary folder on your hard drive.
    3. Copy the content of “web” folder from the extracted zip package to the folder where you mapped the “riacase” virtual directory (normally “C:\inetpub\wwwroot\riacase”).
    4. Copy the content of “bin” folder from the extracted zip package to the folder where you have RIACase executable files (normally "C:\Program Files\RIACase").
    5. Restart the PostgreSQL database service.

After the new version of RIACase software is installed either using the installer or manually as described above access RIACase via the regular web interface. If RIACase detects that an upgrade is required to the database schema you will be given a prompt about it.

You will need to enter the RIACase administrator login and password to perform the database upgrade.

Until the database schema is upgraded no one will be able to login to the RIACase system. After you enter the administrator credentials the RIACase will perform the necessary database schema upgrades and will notify you about the results (either success or failure).
Once the database is upgraded the RIACase system is accessible again and is ready for regular usage. Verify this by logging into the system and ensuring that it operates normally.

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