Using RIACase - Quick Start


RIACase Projects

To create a new project go to the Home view and click the Create New Project button or from Projects click the New Project button. A new view will be shown where you can specify a project name and a description:

Once the project is created you can start adding test cases to it. Test cases are usually organized in suites. Go to the Suites and Cases view, click the New Suite button and enter a name for the suite:

Click the suite name to navigate to it and then click the New Case button to create a test case in this suite:

Plans and Runs

After creating the test cases you can proceed to creating Plans and Runs. A plan is set of test suites and cases that you plan to run to achieve a certain goal. For example you can have a “Regression Testing Plan” which includes all test cases which verify that the system under test has not regressed with the intent to run it periodically. Or you can have “Release Acceptance Testing” plan which includes all the test cases with the intent to perform these cases before a release is made.

To create a plan click New Plan button on the project view. You will need to enter plan name, description and specify which test suites should be added to the plan. All test cases in the selected suites and their nested suites become part of the plan.

Once plan is created you can run it. A Run is an execution of the test cases contained in the plan. When a Run is executed those test cases are performed (either manually or automatically, see below) and the outcome of the execution is recorded as a result against the test cases.

To perform a run of an existing plan click Create new run button in the Plan view. You will be able to name the run and give it a description.

When the run creates results can be recorded against the test case in 2 ways. Firstly, if the test cases is intended to be executed manually you or any other person on your team can perform it and record the result of the test case. To do this go to the run view and click on the suite which contains the test case, then click the result drop down list next to test case name and select the outcome of the test performed. The possible outcomes that can be recorded are Passed, Blocked, Retest, Failed. After selecting the outcome you can also add a comment to be recorded.

After all tests have been performed you can close the run. Closed runs are removed from the list of current runs in the Runs view.

Automatic Runs with RIATest

If you have a RIATest project that can perform automated tests of some or all of the test cases in your RIACase project you can configure RIACase to execute RIATest when a new run is created, wait for the automated tests to be performed and record the results of automated tests against corresponding test cases in RIACase project.

To configure the automated tests for RIACase project go to project view and click Options button then select RIATest project file name (the .rtp file). RIATest must be installed on the same machine where RIACase is installed and a scheduled task that runs RIATest must be already created during RIACase installation (see section After Installation in the Administrator Guide).

Now every time you create a new Run for this project RIACase will execute specified project in RIATest. After RIATest project execution is finished for every RIATest script executed RIACase will attempt to find a matching test case and record the result of script execution. The matching of RIATest script against RIACase test case occurs as follows: RIATest group name is matched against RIACase suite name, nested groups are matched against nested suites and script names are matched again test case names. For example if you have a RIATest project with script Login and Logout.rts inside a group Login that is inside top-level group General then it will match a test case named Login and Logout that is inside suite Login that is inside top-level suite General as shown in the picture.

After the tests are executed RIACase will parse the XML results produced by RIATest and will find the execution result for script Login and Logout.rts. If the execution finished with success then Pass will be recorded against this test case. If there were errors during the execution if the script then Failed will be recorded and additionally the full text of the first error message will be recorded in the Comment field for the result.

If there are test cases in the RIACase project which have no matching script in RIATest project then the results of those test cases will remain Untested. You will be able to perform the tests and record a result manually.

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