RIATest 6 Features

RIATest is a feature-rich automation tool. With the new release of RIATest 6 we have added many important new features. Take a look at the major features below.

RIATest Action Recorder

Action Recorder

Action recorder quickly creates human-readable test scripts. Interact with your application and let RIATest write the scripts for you.

Create verification points by selecting properties to verify or simply Ctrl-Shift click on any UI component to generate automatic verification code.

RIATest Component Inspector

Component Inspector

Use Component Inspector to investigate your application's GUI elements. Move your mouse pointer over them to establish their identity and inspect their properties.

Component Inspector will also show the hierarchy of GUI elements so that you can easliy spot parent-children relationship between elements.

RIATest Syntax Highlighting

Syntax Highlighting

Syntax highlighting makes your test scripts readable and easier to write.

RIATest Script Debugger

Script Debugger

Built-in script debugger helps you find and fix problems in your scripts. Step through your script line by line, or have the debugger break and suspend execution on errors or on breakpoints you define. Examine variable values by hovering the mouse pointer over variable names.

More about debugging.

RIAScript Language

RIAScript language

Our powerful test script language is similar to ActionScript. There's no need to learn yet another language!

Continue to RIAScript Language Reference.

RIATest Synchronization Capabilities

Synchronization Capabilities

Advanced automatic and manual synchronization capabilities save you countless hours of experimentation with 'pauses'.

More about synchronization here.

RIATest Locator

Find GUI Elements easily

Locate elements just by referring to their class and automationName, or by matching on any property value.

You can also use regular expressions for partial matching of values, if the exact property values are unknown or variable.

Read more about GUI element location techniques.

RIATest Edit and Continue

Edit and Continue

Pause your script, edit it, then resume without restarting the test session. RIATest then executes the modified source code.

To enable Edit and Continue feature turn off "Mark editors read-only when running" option.

RIATest Windows and Mac


Available on Windows and Mac OS X platforms. Test scripts are interoperable between the platforms (unless you perform platform specific actions).


Adobe AIR supported

Automation of Adobe AIR applications, including applications with multiple windows is fully supported. RIATest can use AIR Debug Launcher (ADL) to load an AIR application.

RIATest Background Syntax Checks

Background Syntax Checks

You do not have to wait to run your scripts to see any syntax errors, RIATest checks your scripts for errors as you type them in.

RIATest Code Completion

Code Completion

Full code completion on all Flex automation classes and RIAScript objects is available to help you write test scripts.

Code completion also works for user-defined functions.

RIATest HTML Reports

HTML Reports

Test results can be output as HTML reports for easier visualization. Reports are available when running the tests from IDE or can be converted from XML files that are created when running in batch mode. [Professional Edition only]

RIATest Recording Options

Recording Options

You can specify what attributes RIATest will use when recording object locators (which are used for identification of GUI objects during playback). [Professional Edition only]

RIATest Developer Productivity Mode

Developer Productivity Mode

With the "Always Accept Connections" option you can turn RIATest into a developer productivity tool. If you are developing a complex application which requires lots of interaction to get to the point you can start debugging, just record a script to carry this out. RIATest will always be ready to execute the script for you.

RIATest CSV and low-level file operations

CSV and low-level file operations

FileStream and CSVStream script objects allow you to read and write binary files using low-level operations or work with CSV files without worrying about low-level details. [Professional Edition only]

RIATest Flex SDKs compatibility

Flex SDKs compatibility

RIATest works with applications compiled with Flex SDK 2.0, SDK 3.0-3.6 and SDK 4.0, 4.1, 4.5, 4.6.

RIATest Speed Control

Speed Control

By default, RIATest will run your scripts as fast as it can, however, if you need to, you can configure it to slow down execution speed.  (Use the function setExecutionDelay).

RIATest Customizable Error Handling

Customizable Error Handling

You can customize how RIATest reacts to errors that happen during execution. Actions execution or property access can be configured to either log the error and continue with the execution, or to throw up an exception message and halt execution. You can further refine error control using the try/catch/finally script statements.

RIATest Runtime Loader

Runtime Loader

If you cannot or do not want to re-compile your application to embed RIATest Agent you can use RIATest Runtime Loader to load your production-ready application and test it.

RIATest Loader is available for applications compiled with Flex SDK 3.0-3.5, 4.0-4.1. Full source code is included if you need to recompile it with a customized Flex SDK and to enable debugging.

Windows UI Automation

Windows UI Automation

RIATest can automate any onscreen item that is accessible via Windows UI Automation API. This includes most Windows applications including browsers and their content.

OS Level Event Simulation

OS Level Event Simulation

When run on Windows RIATest can simulate OS level mouse and keyboard events on GUI elements. This is required to initiate certain Flex operations such as upload/download file reference dialogs.

Image Based Automation

Image Based Automation

Image based recognition allows you to interact with GUI elements based on an bitmap image which is useful for custom components that are not automation ready.

Bitmap Verification

Bitmap Verification

RIATest can verify that a GUI element has certain appearance or contains a certain subimage inside or near it.



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