Automate testing of HTML applications

RIATest is a GUI test automation tool for web applications. Homegrown JavaScript framework, HTML5 or jQuery, we support them all.

Why use RIATest?

Stop wasting expensive QA engineering time testing the same feature over and over again. Automate the process and let RIATest do the work for you. Add RIATest to your continuous integration system and find out when your software regresses, without costly delays.

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Features and Benefits

RIATest Action Recorder

Action Recorder

Action recorder quickly creates human-readable test scripts.

RIATest Component Inspector

Component Inspector

Component Inspector lets you identify your application's GUI elements.

RIATest Syntax Highlighting

Syntax Highlighting

Syntax highlighting makes it easier to compose and then read your test scripts.

RIATest Script Debugger

Script Debugger

Built-in script debugger helps you find and fix problems in your scripts.

RIATest Syntax Highlighting

HTML5 Support

New HTML5 elements and tags such as video, audio and canvas are supported.

RIATest Syntax Highlighting

Cross-browser Testing

Write test scripts once and run them on multiple browsers and platforms. All tests written in RIATest work acrross all supported browsers.

RIAScript language

RIAScript language

Powerful script language similar to Javascript. There's no need to learn yet another language!

Synchronization Capabilities

Advanced synchronization capabilities save you countless hours of experimentation with 'pauses'.

Find GUI Elements easily

Use simple but powerful GUI location capabilities to zero in on the right component.

Edit and Continue

Save time. Pause your script, edit it, then resume without restarting the test session.

RIATest Windows and Mac


Available on Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

RIATest Code Completion

Code Completion

Full code completion on all HTML elements and RIAScript objects is available to help you write test scripts.

RIATest Background Syntax Checks

Background Syntax Checks

You do not have to wait to run your scripts to see any syntax errors, RIATest checks your scripts for errors as you type them in.

RIATest Recording Options

Recording Options

You can specify what attributes RIATest will use when recording object locators [Professional Edition only]

RIATest HTML Reports

HTML Reports

Test results can be output as HTML reports for easier visualization. [Professional Edition only]

RIATest CSV and low-level file operations

CSV and low-level file operations

FileStream and CSVStream script objects allow you to read and write binary and CSV files. [Professional Edition only]

RIATest Customizable Error Handling

Customizable Error Handling

You can customize how RIATest reacts to errors that happen during execution.

RIATest Speed Control

Speed Control

By default, RIATest will run your scripts as fast as it can, however, if you need to, you can configure it to slow down execution speed.

Windows UI Automation

Windows UI Automation

RIATest can automate any onscreen item that is accessible via Windows UI Automation API.

OS Level Event Simulation

OS Level Event Simulation

When run on Windows RIATest can simulate OS level mouse and keyboard events on GUI elements.


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