RIATest Licensing

RIATest is supplied under two license types: Named user and Floating user enabling you to pick the most suitable one for your organization.

Named license

A "Named License" is granted to a specific person and is ideal for individual developers and small teams. Only the named licensee is permitted to work with the particular copy of RIATest and to receive support for it.

RIATest software can only be installed on one computer at a time. If you need to install RIATest on another computer, you must first remove the existing RIATest installation or purchase another named license.

The license holder can permanently transfer ownership to another person only with Cogitek's permission.

Each named license is generated for one platform: Windows or Mac OS X, so you need to decide which platform you need before you place the order.

Floating license

"Floating licenses" are granted to organizations and are usually more suitable for larger teams. Floating licenses permit RIATest to be used simultaneously by anyone belonging to the organization, provided that the number of concurrent users does not exceed the number of floating licenses. RIATest License Server is installed on one of your computers and helps control access to licenses. Each RIATest copy installed on a test engineer's or developer's computer will connect to RIATest License Server and will acquire a license (if available).

A floating license enables you to install RIATest on as many computers as required and to nominate one person belonging to your organization to receive support.

The license holder can permanently transfer the ownership of license to another organization only with Cogitek's permission.

Floating licenses are platform independent. Although RIATest License Server itself runs on Windows only, the end users can use each floating license from their Windows or Mac machine where RIATest is installed.

Should I buy Named or Floating licenses?

Consider purchasing Floating licenses if:
a) Your usage concurrency ration is below 1:2. For example if you have 5 RIATest users and normally only 2 users will be actually using it at any one time then you can purchase 2 Floating licenses instead of 5 Named licenses. However if you expect that 3 users may use RIATest simultaneously then it is more economical to purchase 5 Named licenses since they cost less than 3 Floating licenses.
b) You wish to avoid the time overhead of managing individual named license keys.
c) You want multi-platform operation (i.e. you want to use RIATest on both Windows and Mac OS). Named licenses are platform specific.

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